Evangelistic tshirts

"We already have shirts for our ministry". That's what many Christians think when looking at Christian t-shirts. So why should we have evangelistic t-shirts? Most Christians and Christian ministries already have many printed t-shirts with their ministry logo and maybe a theme they have emphasized. Those types of t-shirts are great but are mostly good for TEAM BUILDING. They unite a ministry group with similar colors or logos that they all can wear to build the ministry TEAM. There is nothing wrong with that! But where do those types of printed shirts fail? They usually don't share a message that the world can understand much at all. I have been printing custom t-shirts for 12 years and have done a lot of church ministry t-shirts. I would say that 99% of the Christian t-shirts that I have printed are for team building not sharing the gospel. So there is a great opportunity for us to wear a simple evangelistic message that will plant spiritual seeds everywhere we go. Another reason to wear evangelistic t-shirts is that we indicate to others that we are Christians and that we believe the gospel is for everyone. Now there is another difference between what I would say are evangelistic t-shirts and other types of generic Christian or Bible t-shirts. And we will be covering those differences in other articles.

Team Building t-shirts

  • unite a group
  • emphasize a theme within the group
  • advertise the ministry/church

Evangelistic t-shirts 

  • simple understood message for others
  • show others that you are a Christian/believe in Jesus etc.

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